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Hoping for some help. I just pulled the trigger on a Mitsibushi HC9000 and now I need to get a screen! My room is 16'x20' with close to 10' ceilings. I really love the immersive experience of the 2.35 but am concerned about the lack of screen real estate I'll get when I'm watching sports. I think it'll be used 50/50 for movies/sports. I'm trying to justify a 2.35 setup by saying the smaller image of any 16:9 content will at least be very bright which is great for sports. Would like to now how wide a screen I can consider and if I should be looking at gain screens with this projector. Max budget is $1,000 but I'd push it if there's a real jump in qulaity, someone mentioned Stewart might have a new line. Also, I'm in Canada so shipping may be an issue!