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Hi everyone

Does any LCD TV exist with a 24p-mode ("Real Cinema" and what not) which is not 5:5 pull down?

It is perfectly possible to produce a (to my knowledge as a computer scientist) an LCD panel with a controller (or multiple controllers) able to support two native refresh rates - and hence a TV which supports, say, 60 Hz and 24 Hz without 5:5 pull down.

My question is if it is done.

I have a thread going on a Danish av forum ( in which a user reports that his ATI control panel shows 50 Hz, 60Hz and 24Hz as available refresh rates when his 40" Sony ex500 is connected to it via HDMI.

I am fairly certain that choosing a refresh rate in the video control panel sets the graphics card to output at that rate (i.e. you could choose a refresh rate which would make your old CRT monitor say "out of range). Does this mean this TV can do 24p without using 5:5 pull down? (showing each frame 5 times).

Thanks for your thoughts and inputs.

Best regards