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Wmc no video issue

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Hey guys,

I have a win 7 wmc htpc setup. I originally had it hooked up to a LCD tv. I now have it hooked up to a projector. One annoying thing that happens is the hdmi signal seems to stop working. This doesn't happen all the time, but it generally happens 1 to 2 times a week. The current fix I have found is to just reset the machine. I do know its recording and working because in my other room I can watch live tv or recorded tv with my Xbox. It's only happens when I go to watch tv after the reciever and projector were off. I never have had it happen while watching tv. Basically I go up stairs turn on the projector and reciever and bam no audio or video. The computer is not asleep. This happened to my LCD so I figured the problem would go away when I put the projector in...but it's still going on.

Can anyone make any recommendations?

Btw in case it is helpful. When I turn the projector and reciever off I leave wmc running but hit stop so it leaves with the main wmc screen up. About 25% of the time when this happens I can hit the live tv button on my harmony and it works. ...the other 75% of the time I have to hard reset.

Mobo gigabyte ga-a75m-ud2h - latest bios and all windows drivers have been updated
Mad a4-3400
Centon infinitv 4
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I occasionally experience something similar. But in my case, it is not an HDMI issue. It is strictly an issue with WMC.

Next time this happens, try just moving your mouse around. Or hit Ctrl-Alt-Del on your keyboard. If the video comes back, then you just need to kill WMC.

The way I deal with this is to map one of the soft keys on my Harmony to Alt-F4. Just kill WMC with Alt-F4 and bring WMC back up with the Menu button.
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Moving the mouse or Ctrl alt del do not work in my case. I will try the alt f4 thing but I doubt it will work
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