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I've been using an AMD Athlon-based (HD3200 onboard graphics) Win 7 X86 based Media Centre with a BlackGold BGT3620 tuner with no problems for years, and then broke the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' rule!

I'm now running an AMD Trinity A8 5600K in a Asrock FM2A75 Pro4 A75 motherboard, and have installed Windows 7 x64. Media Centre runs very well, but I'm having real problems playing back HD recordings made on Freeview (DVB-T2). When we try to play the recordings through Media Centre, they usually work for a short period (seconds to sometimes minutes), and then lock up with a black screen. Locking up can also be brought on immediately by trying to skip or change the volume.

If it assists anyone with diagnosis, I've noticed a couple of unusual things about the problem:

- When the freeze happens, I can still alt-tab to the desktop, and then close Media Centre.
- When the freeze happens, the screen is black, but if I try to use the remote, I can hear navigation sounds, as if Media Centre has returned to the Main Menu.
- I can play the same recordings (wtv files) on the same PC in Windows Media Player without any problems!

I originally had the Shark Codec Pack and x64 extensions installed, but I've tried removing them and the problem is the same. I don't know if it could make any difference, but the PC is part of a domain because it's connected to a Server Essentials 2012 box.

I've tried everything I can think of, short of reinstalling the entire machine. Can anyone help?

PS. I would add that I'm most suspicious of the graphics drivers - I'm using the current Catalysts, but have tried older versions too. However, how could this be the case if WMP works, when WMC doesn't?