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All the way on the left side of the screen, there is a vertical stripe of green static, about 3-4 pixels wide. From where I sit (about 8 feet away) it is visible as a dim brightness during very dark scenes. Up close, you can see that it’s actually green static. If that area of the screen is bright, it shows no green static. It isn’t changed by switching the HDMI input or using the internet through the TV, or by changing the screen size (the menu has an option to enlarge the image to show 95% of the original). This makes me think it must be the monitor. However, I replaced it, and the exact same thing is happening in the exact same place. With both TVs, I set it up using CNET’s recommended settings – I haven’t had time to do a full tune in yet.
I’ve looked all over and haven’t found a description of this. Has anyone encountered something similar before or have any idea what it could be? Thanks.