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Any opinions on an Veldyne VA-1215xII?

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Anyone know anything about this sub and how it performs?
Anyone have an opinion on it? I am thinking about picking one up locally.
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Yes, I am familiar with it. It is pretty long in the tooth by now. You'll want to check to be sure both the surround on the woofer and the passive radiator are still good. Hopefully they have been replaced by now. It's not a terrible sub but won't be anywhere near as tight as some of the current subs. If it were me I wouldn't want to pay much for it. At its age the amp will likely need to be replaced in not too many months and/or years.
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That is what I am wondering, They want around $100 for it...I have two velodyne vx-11's that I just picked up which I am enjoying quite a bit at the moment...waiting to compare them to one bic f12....but I didn't know if the older Velodyne would be a good pickup or not that reached into the lower frequency's my VX-11's will hit about 28hz before they drop off pretty drastically...
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If you just want to play with it and then flip it maybe you could get your money back. Velodyne in the manual claims 22hz +/-3db as the low frequency. When the 1215 was made this series essentially the entry level Velodyne but I suspect it might out perform the VX series. I wouldn't pay that much for it. It'll rumble but as I said not be as tight as more modern designs. I'd rather have two or more subs.
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Cool, thanks for the input....I'll have to think on it and see what they might do for price. What do you think would be a good price for it?
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Sorry for the delay. I think you need to very carefully check the surrounds on both the woofer and the passive radiator. At its age they are likely to need replacing. It could be that when you are using it in your home with today's dynamic recordings they could fail the first time you use it. In the past I've picked up a number of subs off my local Craigslist and sorta played with them. I don't have a terribly high income unlike some of the folks here and I had a good time doing it. I bought all of them far below their value and flipped them at a small profit after playing with them.

If it were me and if you are in a larger metro area, I'd hold off until I found a Hsu, SVS or some of the other popular id subs popular on this forum. At least look for something with rubber surround. They show up sometimes at very good prices. Lately I've been seeing quite a few high quality DIY subs on my CL and that might be another idea. One other thing to look out for is amp failure there is a tendency in particular model subs of amp failures. Using the forum search engine here on one sub you are considering may save you some trouble. Best of luck in your search.biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the input...I'm looking on a budget too...hence the reason for the VX-11's that I have, got them on their current deal to try them out....I'm just curious what a bigger sub would be like after playing with these and really liking them. A friend has an F12 I'm going to barrow and compare sometime...so I'm interested to see how that goes.
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