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pioneer TS-W12PRS and a Bash 300W amp

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Hi I'm new to DIY speakers and i have the pioneer TS-W12PRS 12" sub that i hoped i could use in a ported box with a bash 300 amp but I'm not sure as what the dimensions of the box should be or if these are decent parts to use for a home theater sub. thanks in advance.
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that will be fine.

i'd probably shoot for a 3 cubic footer tuned to about 22hz with a single 4" diameter port that is 20" long. the dimensions of the cab are not very important so long as the net volume is around 3 cubic feet.

here it is with 300 watts (no high pass filter). excursion is pretty much right on xmax with 300 watts.

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thanks for your help but could this be tuned to 20Hz? I have read that this sub preforms identically to the Dayton reference series 12" with a smaller inclosure i have tried using WinISD but im not sure of what I'm suppose to look for will this be ok? and would it be good as a home theater sub?
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that will be fine too.

in the larger cabinet spl and air velocity in the port will be higher, so you might want to look at doing two 3.5"-4.0" diameter ports depending on how much room in your enclosure you have for the ports.

it will be better than many of the home theater subs that one typically finds in a store in the $300-400 price range.
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If i''m going use a 5.5 ft net setup how do u calculate the extra space used up by the plate amp, braising and the ports?
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most folks just make a best guess. it doesn't have to be exactly on the money.
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The bracing and the ports should be easy to calculate their displacement as it's basic math. The plate amp on the other hand, I've never used and would hope that they would provide the data in the specifications of the amp the same way subs do. If not, you could calculate it the same way you would calculate the displacement of a rectange/square by estimating how deep it goes into your sub box and that should get you pretty close.

You can use this formula (H x W x D )/1728 to calculate your plate amp and rectangular/square stick bracing (if you're using stick bracing), as long as, your stick bracing isn't wooden dowels. Then you'd use the formula for a cylinder.

BTW, I just found this for you and it should help:

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