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5.1 setup need help

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This will be my fist surround sound setup and I wanted to get some feedback. After doing some research I've narrowed down to the following setup and I want to see if anyone has had any bad experience with the following:

Energy Take Classic 5.1
Pioneer VSX-1022-K

My budget is under $600. Right now I'm just waiting for the price to drop on the ETC.

I chose ETC because from most of my research they seem to be highly recommended for a budget setup. (bang for buck)
I chose the pioneer receiver because growing up, my pops always had pioneer receivers and never had any issues with them. Plus most pioneer owners that I know have no complaints. I also chose 7.1 in case I want to upgrade in the future.

I'd be using this setup primarily for watching movies, xbox/ps3, apple tv, and spotify.

Thanks in advance
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You don't mention room size and that's fairly important. In a small room I think the Take 5.1 setup works well (I have one). In a larger room it's not up to the task.

I used a Pioneer VSX919 for two years before it crapped out; my previous Pioneer avr had been good for much longer. Not to knock Pioneer particularly, but many avr's don't have the longevity they once had; the additional processing and demand for ever lower prices takes a toll in heat and whether it's even worth hanging on to an avr for more than a few years. I'd also look at Onkyo for some good value, and at refurbs, check out accessories4less.com. Personally I'd get a lower end avr and up my speaker budget, you'll get more bang for your buck that way in some respects. Your budget is just on the very low side overall, though.
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Room size is approximately 12x15..normal ceiling height..Sorry for the delayed response..Thank you for the feedback. I wound up ordering the following;

ETC 5.0
BIC F12 Sub
Pioneer 1022k

Everything should arrive on Monday so I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully decent smile.gif
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