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2.1 Speakers with Microphone Input

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I'm looking to replace my 15-year-old Altec speakers. However, I've run into a bit of a problem...

I can't seem to find any 2.1 systems that have a Microphone input next to the Headphone input. Does anyone know of any? All I can find are Aux Inputs...and I'm not having an iPod party in my PC room anytime soon.

I'm not looking to use extension cables to the rear of my PC, and I don't want to use the front of my PC for my headphones & mic due to it's location. I simply want to be able to have my speakers on my desk, and if I want to join some friends in a game and voice chat, plug-in my headphones and mic into the front (side, or back) of my speakers and be good to go.

Can *anyone* help me? My current setup has been awesome, which is why I've kept it for sooo long. But now the left speaker is starting to die and I need to find a replacement. Worst-case, I'll cut the left speaker off and splice another one on...as absolutely horrible as that sounds.

Not too concerned about price at this point, but I'm not looking to go crazy either. I'd really like to find a nice 2.1 system, but I will settle for a 2.0 if that's what it takes.

Thanks in advance.

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I recently bought the Trust Tytan 2.1 speakers and I am very pleased with them. They produce nice sound and the bass is very strong and clear. The 2 satellites could be better but this set is quite cheap so... Anyways I recommend them, nice speakers for the money.
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They look nice, but they appear (in the pictures, anyway) that they don't have a Microphone port. Just the Headset and Aux.

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I think very few speaker sets have this option (unfortunately), even the amazing and much more expensive Logitech Z623 doesn't have it. I will make a research and check back with you if I find anything good.
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