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Hi-Def IPTV Providers?

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I have a HUGE, PHAT pipe for my internet. I can say that anyones stuttering with Netflix is most likely a problem with your ISP and NOT NetFlix issues. Iv had Fiber to the Home (FTTH) for over five years and havent had the need to buffer in that time, regardless of who else has been on the network gaming, Netflixing, etc. It takes only 3 seconds for Netflix to determine my optimum viewing signal since my ping time to them is faster than someone in the same town as them.

What IPTV services are available at this point in the game and are they worth it? Im already a Dish subscriber and they keep 'promising' its in the works but they have also been 'promising' 3D channels being added and I aint seen that happen. Thats been two-three years now waiting for that promise to come true!!!
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Sorry I ahvent heard of any IPTV only providers, but tbh I havent looked into it at all really......I still dont think its viable with the bandwith caps\speeds most people have these days...
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As you can see, much of my city is NOT suffering from outdated copper transmission. I cant wait for the rest of the US to get tired of XFinity's poor customer service and HUGE price increases after the promo period ends. I pay $55 for my internet so dont think Im some rich dude with a private fiber network. While my line is not shared, my entire community can get the same speed for the price. This is why Im always trying to point others to information to do the same.

Its amazing how well things run when your internet signal is balanced (IE. the same speed down as up).

Anyhow, back to the topic, thanks. Iv been looking to. Dish has one but only for foriegn broadcast viewing. Their is rumor they may start even using the community owned fiber network in Utah cities, as well as have a more ala carte approach to subscribing. They have also mentioned starting a nation-wide accessible IPTV service, but until more cities do what we have and what Chatanooga, TN has; it probably will be like the promise of adding 3D channel providers (still not done and over 2 years waiting.)

Im looking at going Roku but making sure I understand how it works and pay-channel billing over Roku.

Anyone else?
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