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Amazon Instant Video App

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OK... I am a Prime Member so there is another path of content via Amazon. Anyone have any luck actually running the application from SmartHub. Heck, just running the app... not actually play anything. I am on firmware 1025 and will try uninstalling the app and reinstalling.

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My Samsung tv and bluray players do not have the Amazon app, my PS3 does and do enjoy it that way. What specific Samsung model tv do you have? Update versions vary with model, so the firmware update number doesn't mean much (and what does the firmware update supposedly provide?).
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I have a Samsung UN46EH5300 and it does great with the Amazon app. Always update to the latest firmware.

However, their Blu-Ray players are another story. They do not have the Amazon app. Here' a transcript from a chat with them two days ago:
Powell: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. How can I help you today?
Visitor: A quck question:
Powell: Please go ahead.
Visitor: I have a Samsung Smart TV and it does great streaming Amazon Instant Video. But, I have older TV's in the house and want to make them "smart". Will Blu-Ray players like the BD-E5900 or BD-E6500 stream Amazon Instant Video?
Powell: I understand that you want to know if you connect Blu-ray player BD-E5900 or BD-E6500 to TV, if you can access Amazon app or not.
Powell: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
Powell: I'm sorry to inform you that Amazon app is not yet available for Blu-ray players. You can connect the player to TV and access other apps on the player.
Visitor: Do you know if the app will be added or if it will be included on the upcoming 7500?
Powell: I'm sorry, we don't have any information about it.
Visitor: Thank you.

I'd love to use their Blu-Ray player so I have a similar interface in both rooms but right now cannot.

You can get a list of all Amazon Instant Video compatible devices on the Amazon web site.
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Thanks for the replies... I thought this was posting in the official Samsung UNXXES7100 thread. Evidently not. Its a 46ES7100 and I figured out what the problem was. Somewhat of a biologic interface error..... With the recent 1025 firmware update, it botched my SmartHub login so while i thought I was logged in, I actually wasn't. I had to log back into SmartHub, re-auth my Amazon account, and all worked better. Not great, but decent....

True Grit in HD (newer version). Great flick! Nice on a large panel too.
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