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Anyone ever deal with "American Quality Furniture"?

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I am in the process of remodeling our den which serves double duty as our home theater. The wife and I have been going absolutely nuts trying to find the perfect media stand/console. Our needs are somewhat specific as is must be less than 30 inches tall and must be at least 20 inches deep. Long story short we found this:


It is sold on Amazon, Crutchfield and looks to built well, but I can not find any information/reviews on this company or it's products. My hope is that someone here has dealt with these guys. If not I am open to suggestions as to where to continue our search as we have exhausted our local B&M shops nearby (as well as most of the web). Thanks.
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Never heard of em, they may be new. Recently shopped for a cab myself. Found some nice ones from salamand and bdi, didn't want to spend 2 k though. Ended up goin with a bello pr-12. Not the greatest in quality but the price was good at 900. If your interested in the 12 ya better hurry cause I think their discontinuing.

Good luck
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I found their phone number to be (via Newegg): 561-417-2507

When you google that phone number, you get http://www.upliftcabinets.com/.

I'd give them a call to see what's up. It's odd in this day and age when the only mention on google of this company links back to this thread.
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Thank you both for replying. I looked at Salamander and BDI and Bello etc as they were my first thoughts. I was very disappointed by the price vs quality on each of them. Cheap wood like veneers over particle board, or so it seemed. I am not keen on spending $2k+ for something that Ikea-ish, I just want to find a piece that is real wood, has a nice look to it, and provides the a/v guy in me the benefits i am looking for (heat and cable management).
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As the owner of a BDI Avion AV cabinet and Hokkaido Coffee & end tables, I can assure you for the $1500 (avion) it is not a cheap veneer over particle board unit. You may want to investigate the brand a bit. Over the years I've never had a heat issue (Pioneer SC-25 /B&W CI 700 speakers) given the venting on the bottom panel, the shelf and the back panel and wouldn't be confused for Ikea, especially since it required very little assembly. The Magnolia guys at Best Buy seemed to re-iterate the ventilation, cable management and wheels for BDI quite a bit.

You may want to evaluate a bit closer.

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I concur with killer. I have a salamander and have had many, many other racks. Salamander (and I imagine BDI althought I havent bought one of those) are in a whole different league in wire management, steel frame etc. My salamander has an ALL Steel frame, with a glass top that comes off, rear vents that come off, optional fan built in...I could go on and on. Its in whole different league than Ikea or anything not designed for high end audio
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I appreciate the replies (Killer/adanny) and I meant no offense to any owners of the aforementioned brands. I did find a few models on display in the Magnolia section of BB that had the veneer peeled off from the removal of a price tag all revealing particle board/mdf construction, which is what I based my earlier comments on. It actually surprised me to see it. I appreciate the insight and will try to find a more comprehensive showroom that carries a more extensive product line.

In the mean time, my search continues as I have no home for my equipment until this quest is completed.
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I came upon the American Quality Furniture much as you did and had the same thoughts and questions. Nice looking designs and quality from what I can see on the web but not much customer feedback. I'd be interested to know what you ended up buying for your equipment. Thanks.
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Here's a post on a different forum about a TV console from "Standout Designs" in Pennsylvania that you might find interesting. The poster says it is USA made from solid hardwood and includes a photo of his unit, which looks very nice. I will be looking into this for myself.


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I ended up purchasing a unit from Restoration Hardware. It had the room needed, was very close to the exterior dimensions I required, and the WAF was off the chart. I did, however, have to install an active cooling fan in the top rear of the cabinet. I also needed to add an IR repeating/blaster as the front if the cabinet is solid wood (no line of sight). The custy service was top notch and I highly recommend them. Next time though, I am just buying a few slabs of granite and leaving everything on the floor.
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The Pottery Barn Holstead Shutter media center meets wife approval; so we're going with that. I voted for the Standout Design unit but lost out to her two votes.
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Hey mlowie!! Frankly speaking I haven't heard about them they might be the new ones, but a few days back I had bought up a new cherryman furniture fort Myers which my family liked a lot!!
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Speaking to the quality/price of Salamander Designs furniture if I may. We use real wood high quality veneer over MDF. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is MDF is more vibration resistant and less likely to warp than solid wood is. It is the same material they use in almost all speakers on the market for this same reason. This helps with the performance of your gear inside. If we were to use solid wood in the thickness that we use MDF in our stands the furniture would cost 2 times the price. Our Synergy and Chameleon series are all made here in the USA also which is something to consider.
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