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Need help and advice please

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I am looking for some advice regarding my home TV setup. Here is how I want my setup to be. I have included a rough picture of my home.

- There are 3 rooms that will have wall mounted TVs.
- Each room has a 2 gang recessed wall plate with a smurf tube running up through the wall to the attic.
- There is a centrally located closet with power and a 3 gang recessed wall plate with smurf tubing that I would like to use as the electronics closet. The furthest TV (living room) from the closet is about 30 ft. The others are 15 ft.
- These are the devices I have
- (3) ATT Uverse Boxes
- Blu Ray
- Roku (I will probably just velcro this to the back of the living room TV)
- PC (This won't be hooked up all the time)
- PS3

I am thinking of getting the Monoprice True 4x4 Matrix for the 3 Uverse boxes and Blu Ray player since those will be hooked up all the time. I can switch the PS3 and PC with the Blu Ray input when needed.

I would like to be able to control the inputs from the couch and I am wondering what I need to do that. I have been looking at the Xantech setups but I am confused as to what exactly I need to run this setup.

So my questions are:
- Will the 4x4 Matrix work for my needs?
- What do I need from Xantech to make this work from the closet?
- Which AV Reciever would you recommend in the $3-400 range? I need help with my sound setup also. Is this all I need?
- Was thinking of doing some in ceiling speakers for the living room only...any recommendations? Budget = $500
- If this was your house is there anything you would do differently or add? Anything I am forgetting?
- Will the closet need some sort of ventilation fan?
- What sort of stand should all the devices go on in the closet?

I am a novice at this so any help is appreciated.

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Using a 4x4 to run 3 UVerse boxes seems overkill, you are basically reducing it to a 2x4 (Uverse or one other device on the input side)

Why not run dedicate lines from 1 Uverse to each room (relying on the television input selector to choose the device) and then leave the 4x4 for all the other devices?

In each room:
Television Input 1: Line ran back to Uverse
Television Input 2: Line ran back to the 4x4

On the 4x4:

That way you could do all devices in all rooms at all times without having to physically move cables.
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Your right now that I think about it. Thanks. I will run a dedicated line for each Uverse.
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