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Need help with onkyo and long hdmi run

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So I have a fairly new house that has a dedicated HT room that I had premiered for 7.1 and projector set up with everything terminating in the closet at the back of the room. Before entering into the projector world, I started with a Mitsubishi 65 DLP that I have been using for 3 yrs. I also purchased an Onkyo TX-SR876 that is 3 yrs old with the hopes that one day i would add the projector and utilize the sub-hdmi output for the projector and still use the mitsu for everyday tv watching.

For as long as I have had them, I have never been able to pass anything better than a 1080i signal, whether it was just a throughput or utilizing the upconverting feature on the onkyo. BD would not pass and as soon as I changed receiver to 1080p or auto, it would fail to handshake. Audio would pass though. So I just lived with 1080i or less.

For Christmas I got an appletv but I could not get a signal at all unless connected direct to the TV. I should note that I can get 1080p to work on Mitsubishi if connected directly. So this made me think that possibly the hdmi cable (40+ ft run) that the builders ht sub installed might not be of sufficient quality for 1080p at such a long run. So, I purchased 60 ft redmere cable from monoprice.com. Everything was working likr "normal" but i went ahead and I disconnected existing ht cable and immediately connected the redmere with source at receiver and display end direct to TV and nothing. Couldn't get it to handshake. Tried connecting BD direct, DVR, etc direct through the redmere and nothing worked. Pulled bd out and connected direct with a short 5 ft cable regular hdmi cable and then a shorter 5 ft redmere cable and all worked.

So it appears now that I have three issues: 1) existing HDMI cable is not sufficient to pass a 1080p signal. 2) the 60 ft monoprice cable is defective and, 3) my onkyo is dying or dead. Might be having the capacitor and/or hdmi board issues I have read about.

So assuming that replacing the redmere solves my cable problem, I will either need to repair or replace my receiver. I'm leaning towards replace, but not sure I want to go back with onkyo, even though i have an 600 and 805 that have had no problems. Is there another brand that is better when it comes to handshake issues. Seems like onkyo are notorious for handshake problems.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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...this thread is posted in the wrong forum.
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Thanks Jedi...had a 3 yr old tugging at my leg when i posted. Will move it accordingly.
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Drewbie, alot depends on the HDMI cable you purchased. HDMI 1.3 defines two cable categories: Category 1-certified cables, which have been tested at 74.5 MHz (which would include resolutions such as 720p60 and 1080i60), and Category 2-certified cables, which have been tested at 340 MHz (which would include resolutions such as 1080p60 and 2160p30) Category 1 HDMI cables are marketed as "Standard" and Category 2 HDMI cables as "High Speed". On long cable runs, I always recommend converting to Cat-5e using a proffesional product like the Geffen GTB-HDBT-POL which Extends HDMI up to 230 ft (70 m) over one CAT-5e cable, up to 1080p Full HD. For Product information visit http://www.gefen.com/kvm/gtb-hdbt-pol-blk.jsp?prod_id=11041 Tapeworks Texas Inc is an authorized Gefen Reseller and offers a sale price of $304.95 for this product. Please remember that the HDMI cable's that connect to the encoder and decoder must be HDMI High speed cable's which a 6ft cable will cost about $10.00
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