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Onkyo TX-SR875 - HDMI source trouble (PC, Xbox and other)

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I have a problem with connecting to the HDMI source.
I am currently have one working device via HDMI - satellite decoder.
But I need to connect PC and other devices.

The following sources is not working:
* ASUS EAH4350 (ATI) (PC)
* nVidia Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] (PC)
* Raspberry pi (micro PC)
* xbox 360 (Gaming console)

My actual version of firmware:
Main: 87 1.08
MainUpdateMode Ver1.01/07615L
DSP 1st: SR8051 07601A
DSP 2nd: SR8052 07518A
DSP 3rd: SR8053 07518A
HDMI: 1.01/07706A
Video: 07606E00924ok

On the AVR display: No Signal

Can anyone recommend some firmware upgrade?

This receiver makes me mad, I'm disappointed. Wasted money. I do not recommend Onkyo TX-SR875.

People recommend to buy an HDMI splitter and connect to the TV for the picture and the sound separately to onkyo - for me nonsense.
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Make sure to try each HDMI source device in each HDMI input on the AVR as one may work better for a particular source device than another. Also, HTPC connections can be tricky, sometimes requiring replacing the HTPC video board to make it work successfully. Although the following post was written with a Denon AVR in mind, you may still find the suggestions helpful to resolve your connection issue.

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I am having similar problems with my 876. I've never done a firmware update and for some reason don't think this is the problem. I have a 600 and 805 that work very well so not sure if I am ready to throw in the towel on onkyo, but definitely disappointed with this issue.
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Problem with Raspberry Pi resolved!

You need to disable EDID and set the resolution manually.

This should help raspberry pi users.
My WORKING /boot/config.txt:
List of available video modes:

Thanks for your help.

I like the term to describe the "hdmi_ignore_edid":
"Enables the ignoring of EDID/display data if your display is a crappy Chinese one".

They mean my AVR?
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