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General question from a newbie  

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I don't have the Sony model designated for this section (mine is a BDP-S185) but I didn't see a section for that. Since my question is not technically specific to this model, I hope you don't mind me throwing it out here.

As mentioned I have a Sony BDP-S185 Blu-Ray player. It is hooked up per the instructions with HDMI cables through a Sony HT-CT150 sound bar/sub and then on to a 60" Sharp Aquos LC-60LE600U. It's my first venture into the world of HD TV and so far have been thrilled. Love the picture and the sound.

My question relates to Blu-Ray discs/players. I don't know if I simply held too high of expectations having never owned a Blu-Ray player and HD TV before. When I play a Blu-Ray movie the picture is equivalent to a HD channel on cable, MAYBE slightly better. I had throught, perhaps incorrectly, that Blu-Ray images were like the ultimate for clarity and sharpness, etc. Don't get me wrong, I still feel the picture is great (from my limited experience perspective) - but is this typical? Is the picture quality of Blu-Ray movies generally equivalent to the HD channel feed from my cable provider?

Secondly, is there a significant variance in picture quality from movie to movie on Blu-Ray? For example, there's a big difference between one music album and another depending on the producer, recording engineer, etc even though they may all be released on mp3. Is there a similar dynamic with movies?

Thanks in advance!
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Yes and yes. Yes, PQ will be similar to slightly better than movies on HD channels, depending on how much compression that channel adds. And yes, some movies are mastered better than others, just like music CDs.
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Here's a thread dedicated to discussion of PQ for blu ray titles:


Just as not all dvd's are of the same picture quality, neither are blu rays.
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This old thread (from searching) covers the salient points very nicely as starter (you have a lot more reading to do about PQ if you are so inclined):
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