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5.1 set up with htpc

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I purchased an hp slimline s5-1400t to run my antenna through it. I have the computer hooked up to my sharp aquos via hdmi. Then an optical audio canle out to my receiver. Works fine except I realized now is that the computer won't detect the 5.1 speaker set up only stereo. I have tried hooking a 3.5 mm jack to my tv in then out via optical but it still doesn't detect it. Any ideas?
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The optical out port on your tv only outputs 5.1 from the tv's internal tuner. Anything connected to it, the tv will only passthrough 2 channel stereo. You will have to connect the laptop directly to the receiver via hdmi or optical.
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Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Too bad there was no optical out on my pc. Need a new sound card I guess. Thanks.
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Do you have a SPDIF coax output on the PC? If so, I seem to recall seeing coax to optical adapters.
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I don't thinking so what does that look like?
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The SPDIF coax output is a standard RCA phono jack.
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Why not run the HDMI to the AVR then from AVR to Display? That's the preferred method. Usinf SPDIF to the AVR is also acceptable assuming you have one... I looked online and finding the specs for your s5-1400t ain't easy... maybe you can post a pic of the rear looking for an optical out or an RCA coaxial (Digital) out.

BTW, you can usually find a $20 USB to SPDIF out dongle is you find you don't have one on the system and can't run to the AVR directly w/HDMI
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