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NHL center ice (FIOS)

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any FIOS customers hear anything regarding center ice and when it will be available? Didn;t see anything on the verizon site.
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chat response... "I apologize, we lack information regrading when NHL will be available. "
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Educated guess: it will be available when the season starts (last I looked, that will be sometime around next Saturday, Jan. 19).

Edit: it will indeed be Jan. 19, according to this blog post:

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cutting it kind of close, oh well
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I asked the Verizon FiOS twitter account about this yesterday. They responded this morning that NHL Center Ice would be available for $49.99 for the season. There is a free preview from January 19th to January 21st.

It did not say that when you could subscribe before the 19th though ... I am a new FiOS subscriber since November, so I am still getting used to their interface for managing channels, etc.

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Center Ice this year is $50 for the whole season.

Free preview from January 19th through the 31st.

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Verizon customer service followed up to tell me that starting Friday, people can place orders for NHL Center Ice.
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Thanks folks
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I'm new to Fios so what does the free preview mean? Will it automatically air without us ordering it? If so, what channel does center ice start?

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Neve rmind, just saw the link to the announcement!
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i noticed there are 18 HD channels marked for NHL/MLB 1770-1788. can anyone elaborate on if they utilize all/most of them for HD feeds?
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Must be by location. The only HD channels for NHL are 1470-1474 5 channels. The forum post above says tune into channels 1475-1488!!!! If the games aren't in HD I will never buy the package. What an embarrassment. On DTV I used to get every game in HD and both teams broadcast as well
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talked to verizon, only 5 channels are HD for NHL CI. Im actually having DTV installed monday. this on top of other issues with fios tv have left a sour taste in my mouth. i was previously with dish but looking forward to DTVs programming and hardware smile.gif
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For the same price you can get NHL Game Center which gives you the home and away broadcasts in HD on Android, iOS and TV and DVD players with the NHL App.
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im aware of GC, its not just center ice. I am not happy with fios tv all together.
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MSG HD looks awesome with the new scoreboard, extremely minimal.
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Had the displeasure of the MSG feed, the HUD was sharp though, love the minimalist approach.
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