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The Perfect Screen....With Drop Down, Perforations and 3-D?

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Hi Folks

I want to buy the perfect drop down screen, with the best perforations allowed by physics, the largest screen allowed by my room, and ideally future proof for 3D and 4k. Budget is not a constraint. Projector (currently a Pioneer Elite) is not a constraint (since I can upgrade now or later).

Room is multipurpose, 22' wide x 39' long. Front wall has a Plasma for day watching, a drop down screen for night/blinds-down watching. Back of the room has a pool table, fireplace etc. Pool table needs ~14' of space. I want my speakers (MBL 111es) ~3' from the front wall to allow them to breathe. Therefore, there is 39-3-14 = 22' of space for the drop down screen and 2 rows of seats.

In that 22' of space, screen will drop down 4' from the front wall, first row will be 12' and second row will be 18' from the screen. Would love your ideas on...

1. Perfect size? I think it should be 130" diagonal which is 113" wide in 16:9 format. Could I go larger? Should I go smaller since the first row is only 144"

2. Perfect Format? Default is 16:9. In a drop down screen, is there any masking option if I were to go with a 2.25:1

3. Perfect perforations? Research indicates Stewart is the leader here. But Microperf or CinemaPerf? Or is there some other maker I a

4. 3D, 2D or both?

My desk research is pointing me towards a Stewart, 130", 16:9, 5-D Silverscreen. What do you think?
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For passive 3D I think the Stewart 5D with microperf is an excellent choice and will even work well with some ambient light. The microperf has smaller holes and you definitely want that. Cinema pert the holes are larger and your seating would need to be much further to not see them. Cinemaperf is really designed for more commercial applications. You can also get it with masking in a any aspect you prefer. So you can get a 16:9 screen which will mask to 2.35 or vice versa. Stewart is all custom and built to order. 130" would be fine.
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Thanks. Acatually, after a bit of research, I am leaning towards NOT getting a 3D or hybrid screen. Let 3D play out a bit more....

Would FireHwak or GraHawk be better for a multi-pripose room? I can nearly blacken teh room for movies but will also watch games, sports etc where its less fun to make the rom pitch black.
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You still might prefer the 5D for multipurpose room. Its higher gain will give a brighter picture to help overcome ambient light. Both are good choices.
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So after a lot of research, my conclusions are...

- 3D is a distraction. Too much changing in the industry

- I could definitely go bigger than 130" diagonal. With the first row about 13' and the second row about 19'. Stewarts calculations would indicate ~140" is possible (width should be ~1.2-1.5 distance); guidance from Panamorph would indicate ~ 160" is also ok (distance should be 2x or 3x the height). Carlton Bale spreadsheet and emails to some folks who have used large screens gave me confidence that ~140" is definitely not too large and I could get aggressive all the way up to ~160"

As for the screen material, Stewart FireHawk, and SI BD are the leaders in the clubhouse currently. I wish this didnt have to be retractable. that rules out a curved screen which would have been very cool
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