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ripping cd music

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Hi, I normally rip music using window media player, mainly because I am used to the program and I know where to find the files. Recently however other programs have forcibly taken over that function, and they do not do what I want them to do. On my desk top computer the program Bear share has decided to load itself onto my computer and taken over that function. On my wifes laptop the program Roxio has decided to take over that function. I don't even know how Roxio installed itself onto my wifes computer, as it is not connected to the net. Roxio is a pain in the backside, it cannot do what I want it to, and there appears to be no uninstaller for it. On both computers I have the settings set to "ask me every time" when a new cd is installed, and I have windows media player set up as the default program. Howevr 99 times out of 100 the autoplay pop up window does not present windows media player as the ripping option.

I am sick to death of both of these programs and want to remove them and get wmp back as the ripping option. I have found more and more lately other programs self installing themselves and then taking over some function on the computer or the browser. This is an absolute pain in the a..e is there anyway of preventing this. It seems to be mostly happening through Fire fox, is it time to kick fire fox and change to a different browser.
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This question is about how to use a PC. I'm a Mac (OS X) user but here is how to remove an offending program. Unfortunately Window's Registry/file system makes this process overly complex.

1) Open Control Panel

2) Click on Programs and Features (if you don't see it click on View: Details).

3) Click on the program you want to remove and follow the steps.

Also from Control Panel you can select Default Programs to assign which program will run by default. This will override any program's settings.

You also seem to have possible security problems. You should remove Java and Flash too. Make sure you have a good up to date antivirus program and your Firewall is on.
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Thanks William, I have tried most of your suggestions but I was extremely tired at the time. I may have messed up. My firewall is supposedly working and I use a reputeable virus checker that updates itself on my desktop. Thanks for the other suggestions I will try those as well. A few years ago, when I was using windows 98 and windows XP, I was on top of all of these things, but typically microsoft keeps changing and hiding things, and I have less time to keep myself abreast of these things especially due to my ongoing cancer treatments, and looking after my two little kids. :-) My two young kids have also started to use my computer more than myself, maybe they have accidently mucked up some settings.

Thank you very much once again.

However I am a little suspicious of Fire Fox, because most of these things started to happen after the update of about 6 months ago.
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There is an option to disable auto play altogether. If I recall correctly it is somewhere between local security policies hidden deep in system configuration menu.
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Firefox itself is a very good browser. Visiting random Web sites is quite dangerous, however. "Drive-by downloads" are the primary infection vector these days, often by way of advertisements. You don't even have to click on them. If an infected ad or Web page is visible, it's too late: your computer is already compromised. Antivirus programs can protect against only a very few of those infections because of the rapid rate that they mutate.

I use NoScript to prevent java and javascript from running except on the sites I trust. http://noscript.net/
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