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Don't know about where you live but where I do in Georgia, there is a store named Brandsmart. Looks like a garage sale in there to me. Lots of stuff though. Some good prices. Anyway, I bought a 51" Samsung from BestBuy back around the first of the year for $529. Today, I went to Brandsmart and saw my tv there for $499.

So I went to BB to see if maybe they had lowered there's. If they had then I'd get a price adjustment. They had the tv at $549. Thirty-dollars higher.

I told the store person that Brandsmart had it for $499 but it wasn't on their website. You had to see it in the store. Is there anything they could do. They said sure. We just call over there. But because I paid in cash I had to go to the customer service desk.

Went to the desk, told the boy about it. He asked the manager. Manager said, give him the money. I said, "Don't you want to call over there and make sure?"

I handed them my receipt. They handed me $31.

No hassle. No questions. Just did it.

Best experience I've ever had in a BB. I'll be going back there first next time.