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V700 inbuilt speaker

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Thanks for all the people on this site who have been giving their reviews and comments etc on how excellent the V700 camera is, you have convinced me that this is the camera to have.
In fact I have just received my V700 in the post which I purchased via eBay from a supplier in Hong Kong for USA$ 480 all up. I live in New Zealand where our retailers really rip us off; In Harvey Norman (one of our main retail suppliers) The V700 sells for USA$ 830.
Anyway I am just wondering how loud the camera speaker should sound when playing back video clips. On mine when the speaker is at maximum (32) the volume still seems very hushed, at over 4m it is very hard to hear. Is this similar for other cameras and should the volume be a lot louder or is this just standard.
Thanks a lot for any feedback which will be greatly appreciated
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In my experience the speakers on video camcorders are for close up re-viewing of video footage by one or two people, in which the camcorder might be 0.3 to at most 0.5 m from the person. No camcorders that I know of would provide satisfactory playback audio at a distance of 4 m. So I doubt there is anything wrong with the speaker volume of your camcorder.
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