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Wharfedale Evo2 40 purchased on closeout, how good are they?

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Purchased a pair of Wharfedale Evo2 40's on closeout from Music Direct and was pleasantly surprised. Was wondering if others had a similar experience with this line of speakers as they don't get much press. I am wondering what others are driving them with. I am using 2-channel Acurus pre & power amp with good results. What do you think?
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Congrats on the EVO 40's. The Music Direct deal was truly stellar for a great pair of speakers. The higher Wharfedale ranges, Diamond, EVO, OPUS, and now Jade are very underated speakers beacuse I think they are simply not that well known. Those of us who have owned them, know better. Yours look awesome in your setup so you tell us how you are enjoying them.

While not EVO's, I had a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.6's and they served as the L/R mains of a full 5.1 Diamond system I use to have. I drove them with Parasound 2100 preamp (HT bypass) and Parasound 5125 power amp with very good results. I sold the front three to a friend who drives them with a Sunfire Signature Grand processor and power amp. In fact I just spent time at his house this afternoon listening to my old speakers. So I still get to enjoy them. You should also post pics and your question in the Wharfedale owners thread. Check the sticky at the top of this forum. Best of luck with your new purchase. You made a good choice!
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Thanks Paraneer for the response. I will post on Wharfedale Owners Thread as you suggested. I am not used to this forum yet so when you mentioned checking the sticky at the top of the page, is that the "post a reply" button at the top of the Wharfedale Owners Thread? I am really enjoying the Evo2 40's. They seem to be a good match for my Acurus RL-11 and A-250 power amp. Looks like you have a great system and are using your Diamond 9.2 for surrounds and have replaced your Diamond 9.6's with the Vienna Acoustics Bach Grands. They are beautiful speakers, how are you enjoying their sound in comparison to your old 9.6's. Very nice Parasound pre & power amps! Actually everything in your system looks great.
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You're welcome Tune_man. And thanks for the kind words about my system. As you can see, my system is a dual purpose 2 channel/HT rig but I probably listen to music 80% (LP's, CD's) of the time and HT 20% (Movies, Concerts, TV).

I happen to audition the Bach Grands one day and simply was taken by them. The emotional connection was made and I knew the Bachs were the speaker for me. Time to upgrade even though I wasn't looking to. Since VA made a matching center with the Theatro Grand, I got that right away also to complete the front three soundstage. I also knew I would have no trouble selling the Diamond 9.6s and matching .CM center. I kept the 9.2's for my rear surrounds as I found them to blend in fairly well with the VA's in the front for occassional SACD/Blu-ray Concert listening. I really can't tell a difference with a surround speaker when watching a movie.

Regarding Wharfedale owners thread, click on the Owners Thread sticky. Scroll down to Wharfedale in blue. Click on that. Jump over to the last page - Pg 39. Scroll down to last post and them post a reply there. Add your pics and ask other EVO owners what they think and for their opinions too. Hopefully you can get a discussion going on over there because there has been no activity since last September. Told you Wharfedales are not that well known. Too bad because they really are a fine speaker and I am sure you will enjoy yours for a long time to come. All the best man!
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Thanks again Paraneer for the information. I posted some more pictures on the Wharfedale owners thread as you suggested, so am waiting to see if any responses can be generated. It is great for you to have upgraded your speakers because they were better than what you already liked. That is a "can't loose" scenario for sure. Keep listening and enjoying the music!
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I hope your post generates discussion too Tune_man. Its been too quiet over there for a long time.

Your EVO's should keep you happy for a long time and prevent upgradeitis. Just stay out of HI FI shops and don't listen to anything different. Seriously, very nice speakers and enjoy them. Overall, everything in your system looks great! Later.
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Don't think of a better speaker at the price you paid. Intresting fact about Wharfedales the entire speaker is made in house. Drivers, cabinets, crossovers even the nails are all produced in-house. Nothing is outsourced. Excellent speakers and a real steal at that price.smile.gif
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Thanks Class A for the vote of confidence. I am enjoying them. I knew most parts were made in house, but didn't realize everything was. Even the nails? Well, you nailed it, so to speak!
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Wharfedale has been making good-quality speakers for many years in England.

My first "good' speakers were a pair of Whafedale W70D speakers, which were 4-way speakers with beautiful oiled walnut cabinets and sand-filled rear panels that were 1.5 inches thick.

They had 12-inch, 8-inch, 5-inch, and 2-inch drivers.

I think I paid around $270 for the pair at a discount store in California in 1969 ( about $2000 equivalent to today).

They weren't all that good by today's standards; just 4 drivers in one big box, but I thought they were pretty good at the time.

They must have sold an awful lot of them; you still see them from time to time online or at garage sales.
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They sound like great speakers for their time Commsysman. My first experience with Wharfedale was in the 70's, I lived in England and some of my friends had Wharfedale bookshelf speakers that sounded very good for their time period. I had kind of forgot about them as they don't get a lot of coverage over here. My interest has been renewed now. $270 for yours. Bet they looked good as well.
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Very underrated speakers! All these brands that try to give you great sound at a great price seem to not get the recognition these days. Audio magazines would rather talk about 150K+ speakers and how somehow they are worth the money!
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congrats ; I can tell by this video that they have a really good sound.
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Wow! The Steve Gibbons Band. I used to see them at the Marquee Club in London back in the 70's. Great live show! They were signed to Goldhawk Records (The Who Owned this I believe). Keith Moon showed up at one of the shows.
Thanks losservatore for the link!
Thanks firebook23 for your response. I am more into value for money then spending thousands more for a 5% improvement. Can anyone say "Diminishing returns".....Keep on listening my friends!
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