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Can a Harmony control a Panny BBT-01 player?

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I'm very interested in the Panasonic DMP-BBT01 Blu-Ray player. However its remote control looks extremely hard to use. Can a Harmony control this player so I don't have to use the one provided?
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Since they claim 225,000 devices in the database, the chances are pretty good. What's so difficult about this device's remote?

Do you already have a harmony? Just sign in and add it as a device and see if it finds it, or advises it has any control issues. Or, just set up an account; I don't remember actually having to prove having one when I setup an account for mine....but that was a while ago.
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I heard that basically all Panasonic players use the same set of remote codes, so I guess I could just use one of the Panny players that the Harmony database actually has.

I just thought of something else, though: The BBT's remote has that touch pad. The Harmony does not. (Not mine, anyway...I have a Harmony 880.) Is this going to be a problem?
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My Harmony 880 controls my Panasonic BDT-210 just fine. But, my 210 doesn't have a touchpad. I take it that you haven't found the BBT-01 listed in the Harmony database?
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I just tried to add the BBT to my device list. The Logitech software wants the original remote now - so it can learn the codes, I guess. So it must not have them.

Edit: I found a thread that implies the BBT-01 is basically the same player, internally speaking, as the DMP-BDT320. Here it is. I'll try that next...

...and the Logitech software wanted the codes for that one too! What's going on here? confused.gif
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Don't worry about that. Just answer no when it asks if you have the original remote, then you'll skip the confirm steps and it will work fine. Or answer yes, and do the 2 or 3 confirm steps. The BBT-01 profile will probably work fine too, because, like the 320, it's most definitely already in the database.

Asking to confirm signals doesn't mean the codes aren't in the database, it just means there are multiple sets of codes for that device. Panasonic disc players can have any one of 3 possible addresses. 99% of folks never change the address, hence would default to address 1. But Logitech can't read your mind or make assumptions, so it needs a command or two to figure out which address you're using. Bottom line is, if you haven't changed the address in your player or have no idea what I'm talking about, answering no to the orig remote question is all you need to do. If you answer yes anyway, it's still no problem because it only needs to confirm 2 or 3 commands in order to pick the correct code set.
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Yes, I have that player and it works perfectly with the Harmony touch. I don't know about there other remotes . So much better than using the original remote. High marks for player also. Dan
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