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Quastion about to high contrast?

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First a little information:
Meter: i1pro and SpectraCal's c6.
Software: CalMan v5
TV: LG 60PA550T

Pattern disc: AVCHD709

I have calibrated my TV and the grayscale is fine, But the hue on humain is greenish sometimes in some lights and some angle's, only in bright scenes.
I have tuned my contrast setting to 80 of 100 and got 25fL and I have check't in AVCHD709 I don't clip.

But when I calibrate CMS I got to much green in Blue and Magneta, I can't fix the saturation in Blue color but I can fix it in Magneta.

What do you think? Can it be so that I maybe have to high contrast?



Picture from blue:

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Unfortunately, having too much green in Blue primary isn't something that's correctable.

That just is the chromaticity of the primary. You can only move blue towards green, towards red, or somewhere between red and green.

So it looks like you've done just about as much as you can. The rest of the calibration looks great.

If you really want to evaluate the total performance of the display, try running the color checkerchart to see if things like flesh tones are skewed one way or the other. The other thing you could try is calibrating at 75% saturation, in many situations that can give better results for actual content, then calibrating at 100% saturation (and 75% luminance).
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Thanks for your replay.

I have been calibrating with the 75% pattern on AVCHD709.

Do you know what I can do with the greenish in the picture?
It only appears when is in very bright scenes and it's in the edges of the bright parts.
It can bee in the hue in people or in white things like a goat when it stands in the sun and a special angel.

When I check DVE test film from New York scenes and check in this parts I can't se any greenish parts.

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