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Newb enclosure build help

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I have an elemental design 13kv.2 kicking around. I'm looking to start the build but need assistance with what size enclosure. Specs are as follows:


Qts: .31
Qes: .35
Qms: 3.33
Fs: 21.50Hz
Re: 3.7
Vas: 162L
Mms: 142.0g
Bl: 15.00T*m
SPL: 88.47dB
Sd: 545cm²
Xmax: 15.1mm
Voice Coil: 50.0mm

Magnet Width: 5.700"
Cutout Diameter: 11.000"
Mounting Depth: 5.750"
Weight: 14lb
Total Height: 6.250"
Displacement: .06 ft³
Outside Diameter: 12.375"

Watch movies about 75% of the time and listen to music the rest. Looking for some nice low end for movies yet still have decent punch for music. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Not sure how accurate those specs are, as ED was known for being pretty far off... A 4 ft3 box, with a 4" x 17" port (21 hz tune) should work well with a 300 watt amp. A 20" x 20" x 24" box would get you the needed volume, and allow for some bracing.


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