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Reciever and Speaker help

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Hello Everybody,
I am new to the AV scene. I currently have a Wii U, apple tv, rega record player with a phono-pre-amp hooked up to one of the really old two speaker cassette/cd changer systems.

I am looking at getting these two things:
Amazon.com: Pioneer VSX-1022-K 560W 7-Channel A/V Receiver, Network Ready, Pandora, iPod/iPhone, Black: Electronics

This will allow me to hook up all my systems through the receiver as wel as provide better sound quality for my older 32" tv and record player/ipod.

I am unsure what kind of speakers would work well with this reciever or if i should just go with a soundbar/3.1 speaker system kit. I eventually do want 5.1 but as of now I think I will have to pass because of the rear speaker cords and price.

My budget is around $400-$500 for the reciever and speaker system. Do you guys have any suggestions on 3.1 speakears or a soundbar that will work well for this reciever or another reciever choice? I am unsure how to determine compatibility between speaker and reciever system.

Thank you!
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Welcome to the forums first of all.

You say you're thinking of getting two things but list one. What's the other? If you want to spend half your budget on the avr, then you need to go very cheap on the speakers. Speakers are generally more important. To get even 3 speakers and a sub, $250 is not much of a budget (also keep in mind that whatever your two speakers are now they can probably suffice as surrounds, which aren't rears but rather side speakers, you need to get to 6 or 7 ch before rear speakers come into play). Maybe a soundbar fits your budget better, though, or even an HTIB (some can be okay, but the limited options for upgrading can be limiting down the line, a regular receiver and various components give more flexibility). The size of your space will also play a big part (closed room? a room always open to others? etc). You can't always force what you want at a pricepoint either....
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I'd be okay with going with a cheaper receiver and more expensive speakers I just did not see any on there (I don't know much about what makes a good receiver). I just know I like that receiver because it allows me to do Pandora (which isn't necessary) but also iPod support and has enough to allow me to hook up my apple tv (which isn't required but would be nice) my tv for the sound and my wii u and my record player.

The room at the moment goes right into the kitchen and doesn't have a door. People sit all over the place. I was also looking at the 5.1 sound systems with a receiver for $450area but i was unsure how those are.
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Pandora is on a lot of receivers, as well as various other devices like tvs and bluray players and game consoles (and generally only at 128kbps unlike your computer, due different licensing arrangements). While a nice feature on an avr, it's about looking for how many different options the avr offers you on internet apps/radio stations/services.

An avr basically is about connectivity methods and features and somewhat about it's amplification capabilities. You need to match the impedance of the speakers to the amp to an extent (8ohm is pretty common for both, but if 4ohm speakers that can demand more of an amp than many avr's provide). So you need to look at how many hdmi inputs to an extent and the internet apps like Pandora (Spotify, etc); Apple connectivity, etc from what you post. The lower priced avrs will limit goodies like room correction software, higher power amplification (or 4ohm capable amps), sound processing capabilities, number of hdmi connections, assignability of connections, upscaling of video, etc

Look at refurb avrs with warranty at accessories4less.com. Speakers for you I'd suggest looking at the Pioneer series designed by Andrew Jones http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Speakers/Home+Theater+Speakers (but look for them on sale at places like Amazon, newegg, etc).
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I have decided I think I may go for this set:
----Onkyo Reciever TX-NR414

Pionner SP-BS22-LR (bookshelf speakers)


Pionner SP-C21 center speaker

Does this seem like a good setup or would a better thing to go for a subwoofer instead of central speakers. This wil mainly be used for TV+Movies and my Record Player/Ipod, which I have various ska, punk, hardcore, folk type music. As well, as far as I can tell the ohms match up, although I am a little unsure.
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I wouldn't get that NR414 receiver. I'd get something with room calibration as the NR414 has none.

Since you already have Apple TV you don't really need a network receiver.

Look at the Denon 1612 for $10 more
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DOes the Denon work with 6ohm speakers? I believe the speakers listed at 6..
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Yes, Denon AVRs are designed to power 6-16 ohm speakers.
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