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Wireless HDMI transmitter with DirecTv

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I was going to install a wireless HDMI transmitter so I could have HD reception for a TV I am planning to install on my back porch, mainly because it would be so difficult to run an HDMI cable from the sat receiver in my bedroom, which is the closest receiver to the porch.

I have since found a way to use a non used, already installed, coax (RG6) cable already run close by, where I can reroute it to the porch without too much difficulty. Well, really it too will be a PIA, but it is doable.

Obviously, using a coax cable I will only have standard definition. If I can't live with that and I am set on HD, a wireless HDMI transmitter is my only solution. Any suggestions or experience with these transmitters? I've heard pros and cons.
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It would probably be best, and you'd be most happy with, a wired connection. I just read here (and forgive me I can't find the link right now) that addresses your question and the bottom line is that wireless HDMI is not standardized like wired HDMI is (it may not even be recognized by HDMI.org) so that the implementation of the technology can vary from wireless mfr to mfr. Hardware requirements may be different etc and that it is actually wireless HD. In either case, the signal is compressed, distances vary, and audio can be problematic.

I'm not sure what you mean by coax is only SD. My tv reception is OTA only, and I get perfect HDTV running an RG-6 cable directly from my antenna to my tv. Discrete 5.1 audio as well.
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Or you could get a DirecTV HD receiver and put it on the back porch. Yes it will cost you $6/month, but it will still take quite a while at $6/month to realize any savings compared to buying a wireless HDMI setup for a couple hundred dollars.
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^^^^ good suggestion. I didn't think of that until I saw the commercial the other night (I don't have DirecTV so out of sight, out of mind).
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