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Interesting. My ZT is black as the bezel...which as I recall from four years ago, the Kuro was as well. However, I ended up with a red tint 111FD in then long run. I'm as stoked today with mt ZT60 as the day I brought the Kuro home.
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Also have a 111FD. I'm gonna' call them equal. wink.gif
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The arguments as to the Kuro's no longer available, top of the line model are interesting. They definitely hold water IF one is a video professional looking for largely miniscule (is that an oxymoronic phrase?) difference that, frankly, would not be seen by even the majority of high-end consumers. While I would surely love to own a high end automobile which is no longer made, the fact remains that I can only buy what is currently available as your somewhat average Plasma Display Panel consumer. Yes, I wish Pioneer had continued to manufacture and sell Kuros. They'd likely be far ahead of Panasonic's offerings today. (Or perhaps not?!) But, what is out there so obviously points to Panny's ZT and VT series that discussions about a no longer available item seem to me to be futile in the real world.
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Pioneer 'if' they hadn't thrown in the towel would be so far ahead it wouldn't be worth "comparison" of Panasonic this gen. Sort of like a nine gen vs a vt30 sort of thing of 2011. In other words... nowhere near.

But of course then there would have been2009, 2010 2011 2012 and then another generation this year by Pioneer. As close to perfection would have been from Pioneer undoubtedly now imho. But it never happened but we still have the nearest plasmas yet to perfection - 9G's.

Maybe Panasonic may have bucked up their ideas earlier if Pioneer were still around, but the 9G Kuro was, and would be again today very expensive to replicate - hence why it's still out ahead.

And still pretty comfortably IMHO. Not just talking about minimum MLL either by the way which has gotten a bit closer to the 9.5's.
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We can speculate all we want about what "might have been" or what might be. The fact remains that what we have to deal with is what we have. Whether or not Pioneer would have continued to be ahead of the pack is speculative and therefore not germane to the current reality. I'm also sorry there hasn't been a through-line in Plasma Panel development based on Pioneer's their Kuro product. There hasn't and therefore we have to deal with what we have as we likely regret we didn't all run out to buy the 9.5's when they were freshly minted. But that's reality, which is where I prefer to live, even if the way I script it in my head doesn't jibe!
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