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Help with In Wall Rack

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Hey, I just bought a house and have finally convinced the wife to allow me to install an in-wall rack for my equipment in the living room. We are renovating, tearing down all walls and ceilings so I have access to everything for prewiring. I want to have a rack in the back of the room, I have chosen a part where there is a closet directly behind it so I will have full access to everything. So I don't really think its necessary for a rotating or pull out rack. Just looking for something simple that will mount in without a hitch. I was looking at the Middle Atlantic Slim 5 series, but I am not sure if they can be installed in wall, or if they are standing only. I would like something around 29U So I have room for upgrades later down the line. Hope you all have some great tips. THANKS!
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Read through the Show Me Your Rack thread.


Take notes while reading through.
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