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Samsung TV turning on and off

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I have a Samsung TV connected to a Roku box and from about a month ago it has started turning on and off. I thought it was the capacitor problem that people were talking about and called Samsung. They sent a technician who said that all my capacitors were fine. he replaced it anyway but still my TV keeps giving me the same problem. It will work for sometime and then randomly switch on and off. Sometimes it will make a jarring sound and then turn off. The Samsung technician said that it has to be a motherboard problem and will cost $300 to fix it. What are my best options? Should I pay $300 or should I try to find the motherboard and fix it myself?
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It could be 'main' board.

There is a section of the power supply that should always on (e.g. 7x24), in standby .

It powers the remote control input circuitry and part of the main board (e.g. the processor).

When the set is turned on, the main board will then send a signal (e.g.voltage level) to the power supply, for it to turn on the rest of it's circuity and power the entire TV.

If you have a multi-meter, you can check whether or not that the main board is sending the correct turn on voltage level to the power supply.

Replacement boards are available through numerous sources and will cost + or - $50.
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My TV is wall mounted. I do have a multimeter but in order to measure if the correct voltage is being sent I will have bring down the TV and open it up right? Another thing sometimes it works just fine and some other time it will do the recycling thing.
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Originally Posted by salilsurendran View Post

My TV is wall mounted. I do have a multimeter but in order to measure if the correct voltage is being sent I will have bring down the TV and open it up right? Another thing sometimes it works just fine and some other time it will do the recycling thing.

If you have a detachable power cord, make sure it is firmly plugged into the back of the TV. That solved my problem a few years ago. I think rotating the TV on the stand loosened it up. Hope it's as simple as this for you.
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I wish it was that simple. I tried everything connecting to different power sources, connecting different kind of equipment to it. Measuring voltages etc. Also I kept the position consistent because I thought that this might have been a problem with some kind of a loose connection but if that is the case why does it work sometimes and sometimes not. One consistent thing I have noticed is that it usually happens when the picture changes for the first time after initial startup. I have my TV set connected to a roku and the roku goes to sleep with a screen saver on. When I switch on the TV I will see the Roku screensaver but then when I wake up Roku using the Roku remote the picture will get garbled and it will recycle. If it gets through that then the there will no more problems till the TV is switched off and on again. However, if it is switched off and on then almost immediately or after the first change in picture it will once again start recycling. Right now I have left my TV on to see if the problem happens. How long is it safe to leave the TV on by the way?
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Possibly it has to do with a signal mismatch between the Roku and the TV when it wakes up. In our Comcast cablebox, the TV searches for signal when changing between channels of different signal, i.e., from 480i to 720p, to 1080i channels. That happens when the cablebox is set to output Native signal. To avoid the searching and make channel changing quicker, the box can be set to always output 1080i, the native signal of the TV. Possibly it's something like that. Check the Roku setup menu, or search the forum for a Roku thread if there is one.
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No it has the same problem when connected to a PC, laptop or even an aerial. Roku works fine when connected to another TV.
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Well this is a well documented problem on the internet. Samsung TVs could switch on and off due to multitude of problems. I contacted Samsung support but because my TV is out of warranty they won't fix it. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue other than buying a new TV?
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I am going to buy BN94-01666R which is right mainboard for my TV LN46A650A1FXZA. I was wondering is there any test other than buying and installing a new mainboard to figure out that the mainboard is real problem. I have heard that the issue could be with other parts too.
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As I mentioned last month, it could be the main board.

Something is cycling the power board on and off.

Either the main board is intermittently signaling the power board to turn on and off or you still have a faulty power board (e.g. protection circuit turning it off).

Further diagnosis would require monitoring for the required circuit voltages.
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I bought this board BN94-01666R and replaced it in my TV and it started working fine. There is no point in telling these big corporations to be ethical. The only point where they are concerned about commitments is when their bottom lines are being affected.
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Originally Posted by Koffifa View Post

So I just bought a brand new 55" Samsung TV (model # UN55ES6150FXZA) for over $1000, 3 weeks ago and its broken down 3 times already. I have spent hours speaking to your customer service departments and a lot of time waiting for technicians to come to my house to "fix" the problem, only to have my very expensive TV break down again and again. Now I cannot turn the TV on at all and the new technician tells me I have to wait for 3 days for a part that may or may not fix the issues with the TV anyway.

Maybe it's just me, but would anyone else wait 3 days without a TV in the house at all after paying for such an expensive one and having it for only 3 weeks of complete garbage?

I believe a massive company such as Samsung should provide me a new replacement television immediately or be prepared for an aggressive social media backlash.

Please share this message as much as possible.

This just isnt right. People work hard for their money and this is a gross way to treat loyal customers.

Why not just exchange it at the place of purchase as soon as the issue began?

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Hello All, I have a similar question. I bought UN46ES8000 TV from usa and took it to India. I'm using a Voltage converter 240-110v 250w. TV was working fine for past two months and it slowly started to switch off and on once in a while, now it is only giving a click on & off sound and it shows samsung Smar TV screen saver and then again with a click sound it switch off.

Could you please tell me if this is a issue with the voltage converter or with the TV?

Thanks you for the help
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