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I successfully ran dual CAT-6e shielded cables through walls and floors to connect my PC to my entertainment center. The setup was working great for a month. Then I rearranged my bedroom (where the PC is) and moved the computer. Since then, I am getting flickering horizontal green lines and occasional signal drops. It makes watching movies or playing games essentially impossible.

The strangest thing is, the signal loss does not happen at the windows login screen. I've observed it for well over 5 minutes without a single flicker, then when I actually log in, I get about 10 flickers a minute.

I've tried reseating the cables in the HDMI adapters, "loosening" any corners/bends in the cable, and switching HDMI ports. I did notice that where the cables enter the floorboard, there may have been a slight pinch (there's a faint crease across one of the cables). I really don't want to have to pull new cables.

I found a linux program that will boost the output of an HDMI signal when I was setting up my Raspberry Pi, but I can't find an equivalent for Windows. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

I also ran an unshielded CAT-6 cable alongside the shielded CAT-6 for USB. If one of the shielded cables is damaged, would I run into problems pairing mismatched cables to my HDMI-over-ethernet setup?

PC / Radeon 6950
HDMI over ethernet extender
Harman/Kardon AVS 354

The cabling is 75 ft, within the advertised range of 98ft of the HDMI extender.