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Panasonic budget video recorder

Poll Results: WA2 or FT4

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Hi Guys,

In 2005 I bought a GS400 and was very happy with the colours and low level light handeling which I'm led to believe was due to 3CCD. Unfortunately I have used it on a total of two holidays and now by todays standards it's a big heavy dinosaur.

Obviously I don't want to go spending $1000+ again for a device I will rarely use so I am going to use the awards points on my credit card. The question is, all other features aside, purely based on video recording capabilities should I get the WA2 or FT4 (AKA TS4)?

Thank you
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I have the Sanyo Xacti from a few years back which is similar to the WA2 (Panasonic bought Sanyo). These are about function (the form factor/the water-proof), not the video quality.

From the YouTube videos, the quality doesn't look too much different from the older Sanyos. The image quality is very mediocre compared to some point and shoot cameras with HD video in the same price range.

The FT4 might have a little better video quality, but is missing the swivel screen.
It may depend whether you want the swivel screen on the WA2 or not. It's useful for filming yourself and/or balancing the shot.

If you don't need the ruggedness and waterproofing, consider a Panasonic, Canon Powershot or Sony Cybershot in the same price range.
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If your main viewing device is a computer or tablet, and your main service is YouTube or Vimeo, I would suggest continuing using your GS400. Set it in widescreen frame mode, this will produce very decent looking 30p. If you later decide to author it on a DVD or BD, you can package it into either 30i or 60p. Your 3CCD camcorder is free of jello, skew and partial exposure. This is a big deal nowadays when most camcorders are CMOS-based.
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Thankyou for you're replies, yeah I'm pretty keen to get a waterproof one so i can swim and go in the rain. I'm going on a tour the gs is to big and heavy, id like to have something i can put in my pocket out a small bag, the Gs takes up half the bag. I looked at the tx20 but the reviews said not as good as ft4, i couldn't find any video comparison between wa2 and hand held
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Sorry, not hand held, i can't find a video quality comparison between wa2 and waterproof stills like tx20 and ft4 with video capability
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The Sony HDR GW77 is best waterproof video camera, and it is pocketable. Look for the thread on this in this forum.
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That one is a little more than I have award points for but it's not on the list anyway. It seems ft4 leaks badly and wa2 is soon to be superseded so the question now is JVC E10B, SONY CX190, or PANASONIC V100?
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