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Good afternoon, morning, or evening depending on when you are reading this. I am a long time lurker, first time poster to this forum. I used a lot of great information from here to set up my new HTPC and get WMC running to handle all of my movies and OTA TV recordings. In my college days I built several computers, but this has been my first build in about 10 years.

I am having a memory issue with a new HTPC build.

RAM is showing up as 2x2 gb instead of 2x4 gb in OS and Bios (yes I have a 64 bit OS). After working with Asrock tech support, they informed me I need to RMA my motherboard.

Parts used for build:
Intel Core i3 3225 Processor
Asrock H77M motherboard
Kingston Hyper X 1600Mhz RAM (2x4 gb) -- RAM configuration and model # is on supported list for MB on Asrock's website
Lite On DVD Burner
Intel 320 Series 60 gb SSD for OS
Seagate 1.5 tb Green for media
Thermaltake TR-500 Power Supply
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Silverstone GD06 Case
HD Homerun TV Tuner

Although I don't have any copy protected programming I currently record, I do want everything to be in order when/if I add a HD Homerun Prime or Ceton card to the mix.

Will Play Ready have any issues when I swap out the motherboard for the same Make/Model motherboard with a different serial number?

If so, how do I correct this?