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Hey, I am just enough of a newb to still seek out the wisdom of others.

My son and I are building our second AV room and decided to put toget a DIY subwoofer. So far we have a 15" TC Sounds Axis, QSC RMX2450 and a Velodyne SMS-1. My current receiver (Yammy RX-A3000) has two LFE sub out puts.

Here's where we need the advice.

The receiver has two LFE outputs (sub1 and sub2).

The RMX has XLR, wire and TRS inputs, Speakon and wire outputs

The SMS-1 has LFE input, LFE and wire outputs.

There are multiple input/output options and we want to get some feedback as to what configuration would work the best. For example, would a LFE/RCA - XLR (if there is such a beast) going from the receiver to the amp; speakon - LFE/RCA going from amp to Eq; LFE/RCA - LFE/RCA going from Eq to sub work? The sub has two heavy duty binding posts. Could a single RCA/LFE from the Eq plug into it or would we need a "Y" splitter.

Sorry if this sounds confusing. You input is greatly appreciated.