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General HTPC - TMT5, WinDVD, Power DVD, MPC-HC, XBMC Welcome!

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Perhaps I didn't see it, but I thought a general HTPC thread might be nice for "local" troubleshooting or suggestions thread. I've seen the build threads, the 3D thread, and software specific thread, but thought this might work well, too. I've had my HTPC running for a couple months and still have a couple questions, and would be more than glad to help anyone else with general questions.

Some main things about my setup, I use an Intel E8400 (3.0 GHz Core 2 Duo) processor and an AMD Radeon HD 7750 graphics card. My display is a Panasonic 50" UT50 plasma screen. I use Windows 7 Home Premium for my OS. My favorite thing about using my HTPC is that I can use Calman 5 PC Client to correct my TVs grayscale and gamma beyond what the controls on my TV allow. Also the ability to change gamma based on room brightness or mood. I love being able to make movies a little brighter or darker by adjusting gamma.

I just recently ordered Power DVD 12 Ultra because I was having difficulty with 24p playback with TMT5 and WinDVD Pro 11. I've tried the most current (12.10 Radeon drivers) and I'm currently using Saphhire's most current driver (from Feb. 2012). I thought PowerDVD played back pretty well, and I assume it changed the refresh rate to 24p for playback, but I didn't verify. About halfway through the send stopped and my AVR said "No Decoder." I'm not sure what that was about. But I did read that someone's PDVD would auto mute on occasion. I also like that I can turn off my TV while playing back BD with PDVD and it doesn't stop playing when I turn my TV back on.

Has anyone else found a perfect solution to the 24p playback? I was also wondering though, if the TV receives a 24p signal but still uses 60 Hz, then is there a benefit of sending 24p? If the PC sends 60 Hz then the TV just plays in back, but but sending 24p doesn't the TV just do a 3:2 pulldown?

I also set up MPC-HC using MindBombs first post in the Advanced MPC-HC thread, and for some reason my discs automatically play French audio and my AVR receives DTS-HD Master as DTS-HD Hi-Res. Is there a big difference?

If anyone has thoughts I'd love to hear them and if anyone has any other questions feel free to post here.
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There's a huge thread already dedicated to 24p playback so you might want to look there. As for a general thread about HTPCs, there are just too many little things that crop up to create one single thread to cover them all. Some of the stickys cover general topics and sites like Assassin's blog cover the rest. Anything else is open for discussion.
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I have seen that thread and read a fair amount. It sure is long. I would say I PDVD 12 seems to be doing pretty good with BD playback. I watched Frankenweenie last night, but I must say that it's difficult to judge the fluidity of stop motion. But I'm watching The Hunt for Red October now and it seems to have much better playback on my PC than it did when I used the trial version. On my PC WinDVD and TMT5 have stutters with 24p but I don't notice it with PDVD 12.
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