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I collect and repair accutron watches and clocks; I use a Nikon SMZ-2B scope with a .5 object lens to do the work. I am building a video equivalent.
Right now I have the Navitar lens that will get me the working distance, field of view, and magnification I want.
I am using a basic SONY DXC-107AP CCD-IRIS camera; it has 768 x 494 resolutions.
For my viewer I planning on a 7” Marshall Electronics M-CT7 Field monitor its smallest resolution is 800 x 480 pixels, and up to 1990 x 1440; that will be mounted between my eyes and the work.

Now the questions:
• Is this older camera going to work with the newer monitor well?
• My thought is with the almost matching resolutions I thought it might work well, I am on a budget here and can’t break the bank building this tool.
• The camera with its controller is costing 150.00, about the same for the monitor; Is there a better combo out there, for less than 350 for both?

Thank you in advance for any help