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Feedback on HT inwall speaker selection - Suggestions Welcomed

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Hello AVS,

I am looking to purchase a some in-wall speakers for my home theater setup and are looking for some feedback / suggestions on what I am planning below. From the reading i have been doing both here and via links provided from other users asking the same thing i come to the conclusion that for a in-wall setup i would be best looking for a sealed in-wall speakers for my setup.

The setup that I am going for is going to be a 5.1 setup rather then a 7.1 and focus on getting the best speakers I can for the money I have
The equipment I already have:
  • 50" Panasonic screen (the the purpose of this discussion i am not worried about the visual side of my setup)
  • Yamaha v3073 AV receiver -

The layout of the room is as drawn below with the room measurements of:
  • Width 5.1m / 16.73ft
  • Depth 3.5m / 11.48ft
  • Ceiling Height 2.4m / 7.87ft

(measurements on drawing are in mm)

The location of the TV on located in between the two windows on the bottom of the lounge that is the front for the purpose of this discussion. The rear is a feature wall and is indicated by the FF marking on the plan.

After looking around I have narrowed my search to the Axiom sealed in-wall speakers
  • Front Left and Right M22 v3 - Link (To be mounted left and right of the windows not in middle where the TV will be mounted
  • Center VP100 v3 - Link (To be mounted under the TV)
  • Rear Left and Right M3 v3 - Link (To be mounted in the feature wall at the rear of the room)

I elected for this over the Speaker Craft Accufit IW7 speakers due to the limited speaker options available in the sealed inwall range.
I have not made a decision on a sub yet or a sub amp I just want to get the speakers so I can start all the necessary works required with the installation of the loud speakers.

Some concerns that i do have is will the loud speakers be good enough for the volume of the room they are being installed in and will my amp be powerful enough to drive the suggested speakers ? When i get an sub i will be looking for a dedicated amp to power the sub which will be purchased.

I would really appreciate the forums feed back on my my suggestions and any other suggestions people may have will be welcomed.
My budget for the loud speakers will be about $1500 but this can be pushed abit if needed to get what i need.

Thanks in advance for any feedback provided.
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No input from anyone ?

I am a real novice in this area and was hoping maybe someone could give me some guidance or suggestions with what i have come up with so far.
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