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]I just inherited the above server F. It only boots up to the welcome Splash screen,and then keeps rebooting.

The SYSTEM STATUS light keeps flashing Red/Green.

I cant see the unit on my network,but the cable is a green light on my router so I know the Ethernet port is fine on the server.

The Hard drive sounds fine, not loud at all,.The Green LCD Screen stay with the Welcome Screen,and never changes.

It seems like the software is either corrupt or damaged. Is there a way I can download the software and burn it to a CD and then re-format the hard Drive (its a 250 drive) .

I checked the connections with the hard drive, both on its carriage and the internal port it slides into.

PLEASE HELP ME Anyone !!!! I read about this on the web and its amazing ,when it works. Thank you all in advance.

Mike Siegel
New Jersey
S/N# ARQ407743