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Proposed Energy V-Minis w/ rear ceilings & SVS SB12-NSD Sub - advice/input?

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The attached photo is the medium-sized (I guess medium?...the main floor itself is approx 1100-1200 sq feet total) great room/family room of the home I recently purchased. I will have my TV mounted in the same place above the fire place and am looking to purchase a similar sized speaker set-up w/ a sub woofer. There are two ceiling speakers between this room and the kitchen which is where the photo is taken from.

The current owners front mini bookshelf-sized speakers are Energy brand w/ an Energy woofer. I have no idea what Energy type/line they are.

I am looking for a similar sized, reasonably priced system and am strongly considering the following given some of the threads I read yesterday:

Energy Veritas V-Mini Bookshelf Speakers (gloss black)[/U] - two (2) for L & R of the TV and one (1) Center V-Mini.
> The bookshelf speakers are currently on sale at FS in Canada for $124.95 EA
> The center is currently $199 on sale at FS in Canada
(I have the 3 above speakers on reserve - they're on sale until Thursday, Jan 17, so I would like to decide soon)

SVS SB12 Sub (gloss black)
Price as advertised -....probably $750 to Canada. I the look of this one over the PB12 due to its smaller size.

Thoughts? Advice? My rear ceiling speaks would act as the final two to make it 5.1.

This set up will be used for 60% TV-Movies and 40% music.

I also need an amp/receiver and would like to keep it in the $300-500 range. Denon? Marantz? Yamaha? My friend mentioned it should be a receiver with "auto room correction" due to the height of the center speaker.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Thinking of this Denon receiver too:
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Anyone? I'm going to go and pull the trigger on this set up unless someone tells me I should spend my $ elsewhere....thanks!
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Just bought the Energy veritas mini bookshelf speakers for front L & R and V-Mini-center for center.

Reading more and now thinking I should replace all three with three Energy CC-10s. Thoughts?

The room is approximately 13.5' x 17' and then backs onto the kitchen where I will often watch the TV from.
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The CC-10 is larger and will give you a fuller sound, especially if you're watching from the kitchen. If you've got the room to wall mount them go for it.

You do know SVS has a partner in Canada right? You don't have to get it shipped across the border.
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Thanks man, really appreciate the input. Am I over doing the sub selection? Will the 10" PB-1000 ( http://www.sonicboomaudio.com/pb1000-300-watt-dsp-controlled-10-ported-subwoofer-p-53.html ) suffice? Or is there something else (klipsch?) I should consider?

Or might 3 CC-10s for my fronts negate the need for a sub?
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The CC-10s can't hit anything close to the low frequencies the SVS sub can do. No bookshelf speaker can negate a good sub.

You might need more than one sub in a room which opens up into the kitchen. Call the Sonic boom people and see what they say.
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I recently finished putting together a set of Energy V-Mini for my center and l/r fronts with an Energy RC-Micro set for my l/r surround & l/r rear....all of which I am about to close up with a SB12-NSD purchased from the forum store (avscience). Very pleased with the Energy speakers so far....probably better than my Sony towers and surrounds that were MUCH bigger. I am sure it is not as great as those who can have bigger sized speakers, but I am very impressed with the output for such small footprint.

I am using an Onkyo 818, FWIW, mainly to get the Audyssey MultEQ XT32.
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I have an SVS SB12-NSD and really like it. It is very accurate and detailed, and an excellent sub for use with smaller speakers (i.e. it has a very nice upper range).

Re speakers - have you considered the NHT Absolute Zero's? They are sealed speakers, wall mount quite easily and can output a lot of sound for a speaker their size (plus they come in white if that helps with the WAF).
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