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Brightness and contrast settings problem

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Hey guys.

I calibrated my screen using the Disney WOW disc with TMT5 and everything was fine. Then was playing some other stuff and noticed it was very dark and way too much contrast.
I re ran the calibration disc and the brightness screen was all black and the contrast screen was all white, so in other words, it had turned down the brightness and up the contrast itself somehow.

I tried the clipping charts in vlc and kmplayer and all was fine.
Every time I have tried TMT5 since though the brightness is way too low and contrast is way too high.
I tried windvd and windows media player to see if they worked, but for some reason that is having the same issues.

The desktop is fine, vlc and kmplayer are both perfect, but for some reason the bluray player software and wmp are all messed up now.

tried rebooting a few times but no good.

Funny thing is when I started calibrating this evening TMT5 was ok.

I noticed lately that blurays look a bit off sometimes, so maybe it has been doing this for a while?

Any ideas as to why it's happening and how to fix it?


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Ok did some more testing.

VLC, KMPlayer, the desktop, tv in media center are all fine.
TMT5, WinDVD, WMP, and WMP-HC are all to dark with too much contrast.

Is there any fix to get a unified brightness/contrast between them all.

I have my nvidia cp set to override brightness, contrast etc and set to default values. I also have dynamic contrast etc. turned off.

This is really bugging me.
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Just fixed MPC-HC by setting renderer to WMR9(renderless)
Is there any way to do this setting in WMP, TMT5 and WINDVD, so they are all the same?
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Maybe I'm missing this information, but it would probably help to disclose your video card brand (if not model) and the monitor/TV type.
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Sorry mate..

2 x GTX 670's in SLI

tv=Sony bravia KDL-40Z5800

projector=Optoma HD33

To add to the confusion I just noticed black level and contrast change when sli is enabled/disabled.
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First you need to understand that there are two different color space (or video range) in play here. Most video playback software favors the limited range (16-235) output while most PC software favors full range (0~255). Then they are video card drivers that can force convert one way or another. When this much chaos in effect, you can really never make everything calibrated correctly unless you can force every one into the same color space. Some video player do have option to let you select limited or full range output. But some don't (like WMP). WMC can be hacked output either mode using a registry key, There is no universal ways to configure this. You just have to try all the software you are using and to make sure you have everything setup correctly. Remeber your desktop is always full-range. Once you get everything setup correctly, then calibrate.
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Is there any way to either set the range of TMT5, or set a corrected brightness/contrast for tmt5 via a config or the reg?
I tried changing values manually but they don't save between videos.
Brightness actually does save but strangely not contrast.

If I have the desktop and vlc configured correctly then I have to add +16 brightness and -25 contrast to TMT5 to look the same.
When I enable SLI though it effects the balance again.

I have to disable SLI to get TMT5 to play 3d blurays in correct resolution.
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No change brightness and contrast is the wrong way to go. That's not how it works. I don't use TMT5. So can't help you there.

SLI issue is predicable because only games require SLI. And all games are full range only.

So, your best bet is set everything else to use full range if you can. Then calibrate from there.
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Tried every possible setting.
Doesn't make any difference.

When I change from limited to full RGB or ycbcr444 it makes everything darker or lighter, but the programs I mentioned are still "x" amount darker and more contrasty than the others.
It's like it just shifts the whole scale, but they are still off by the same amount.

Short of changing the brightness setting in the players that are not working correctly I can't think of a solution.
But the setting changes are not saving in TMT5.
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Messing on the video card driver won't solve your problem. That is only good for emergency when your TV won't support the mode you are using.

This is the reason why I don't connect any of my PCs to TVs.
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Well if the desktop, vlc and kmplayer are ok and the prob is with the others, there must be some setting to change to balance them out to the same levels?

I've been looking around since last night though and can't find any solid answer anywhere.

funny thing is, when I calibrated TMT5 the first time it was ok.
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Most modern players (with exception of WMP) have this video range settings. If your TMT5 doesn't, ask their support for it.
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Ok mate, thanks.
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Sorted it.

I assume that as the desktop is full range that I should be able to see all the way to 0 on the black level pattern?
As most video has black level of 16 then I recalibrated according to that.

I recalibrated so that TMT5 and WMP's black level was set to 16.

I found a setting in VLC "use hardware yuv-rgb conversion", this was ticked so I unticked it. Now VLC is displaying from 16 upwards, rather than 0 upwards.

Also found a setting in KMPlayer "remap 16-235" , and changed renderer to advanced, now this is also displaying form 16 upwards, instead of from 0 upwards.

But stuff like games etc. That use full range from 0 up is also supported with the calibration I now have.

Seems to be fine at this setting.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys.
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