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Philips LED 50PFL5907

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Hi Guys
I can't find anything on this unit. No threads on AVS or anywhere else, just a brief blurb by Cnet with a bit of praise.
My uncle recently purchased a 46" Sony at a club store, and found the picture lacking. He returned the Sony and they recommended the Philips. He has not set it up yet, so we have not seen the picture quality. There will be no sports or 3D watched on this unit. Has anyone here seen this led? Philips used to be manufactured in the Netherlands, but now I see its 70% owned, designed, and manufactured by Chinese company TPV. Any input would be appreciated.
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Cnet gave it pretty good review, but I haven't found anything otherwise.
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They did say the colors were off, and the blacks had a purple tinge.
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I just want to finish this thread off with a short personal impression of this unit to help others.

Background: I have had a home theater since early 1990's and I am one of the first adapters to HD (Both Channels)rolleyes.gif
I currently have a Pioneer elite Kuro plasma, and a JVC 4500 projector.

We did a quick set up on the Philips at 6am this morning. I did not do grey scale, or color balance. Nor did I go into the service menu.
We both found the picture of this unit very pleasing, especially given the price. It is a smart tv with you tube, net flix, vtuner and other offerings. No 3D.
The only other LED I have spent any real amount of time with is the Samsung 6000 series ( my sisters). I preferred the motion and color uniformity of the PhiIip's over the Samsung. I did not see the purple tinge mentioned on Cnet, and I found the off axis viewing more than adequate. This set is bright. I also did notice the anti-reflection on this unit is very good. We watched some movies (including black and white ones), hockey, and news. The only source used for this viewing was a HD cable box.

I am a plasma guy, and this set has not even come close to changing that.
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I have the 55" 55PFL5907. One thing I noted was that a couple of the TV's had different refresh rates depending on the size. One of the middle ones was more m.s. that the others. Weird.

Anyway, I tried the suggestion calibration settings on cnets review of the PFL5907 and I found it...close to pleasing.
Although it does seem to have a slight blue tinge like they mentioned you can get it pretty close to good with adjustment, and I don't think my TV was as bad as theirs.
I found that with the CNET calibration list the oranges and reds were close but a lot of peoples faces seemed to have a thing where they looked like they were wearing very heavy blush.. like it was popping the reds out in their orange faces way too much.
Overall I readjusted to make that go away at the expense of the reds looking a little orange, and didn't adjust the blue down as much as they suggested, and I got the colors to acceptable enough levels match for my eyes/likes.
Not perfect but good enough to not notice any weird shades randomly when you're immersed in a movie.

I have the truemotion set to medium for movies or high for sports despite cnet's ever hating on the motion enhancers.
The one thing I have to say about this TV is the motion is far better than my 4 year old Visio (which was the upper tier visio around that time) and my 5 year old Sony bravia.

IT doesnt seem to look as..... liquidy as some of the other true motion 120/240/etc tvs out there...
But it looks very natural and hasn't had any jerking and very few artifacts even on high compared to my previous two TV's.
I have to say the motion is far superior, and the lights/darks are great.
There is a little bit of bleeding around the edges when the screen is extremely black, not noticeable during dark movie scenes so much as it is once in a great while between scenes or a commercial where there's an unusually long sort of cut that leaves the screen fully or almost fully black.

Overall, to sum it up very clear picture, very good motion, color is good enough with adjustment, light dark contrast is good, only a tiny bit of black light bleeding with 95%+ black on the screen.
I am happy with the purchase. The tv fits my dimensions to the 1/8" (awesome) and seems to have a good response/refresh for games/computing, so it suits my needs.

I wish it had been a little cheaper for not being a 3d tv, but...yeah I'm happy with it.
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Just got this TV. Picture quality is very good no problems with colors as in other post. Little finiky with getting Usb stick Movies to play, has to be in Mpeg4 and Acc to work. Streaming is not bad (Streaming from Mac) using Philips software(Media Connect). Other forums say that Twonky works could not get it to work can read files on Mac but get Network error when try to play flie. All in all best bang for your buck at $850.00 taxes in from Costco (Canada).
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I had a nice Samsung plasma before that failed. I'm still a fan of plasma but this new Philips LED TV is good are better in some ways worst in others (namely viewing angle). I'm still deciding between this and the Panasonic 50UT50. There's a lot of SmartTV features, YouTube is super clear, the zoom options are more flexible for SD content, superb black levels even over low end plasma, and built-in WiFi HW is a plus in this price point. I'll play with the colour setting with the Philips, but the only thing holding me back is my expectation of reliability. Got this at Costco for $699+tax while the Panasonic is $694+tax.

I'll report back in a few weeks!
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