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Projector and Screen Combination

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Which is the better combination:

Location: Basement, no direct sunlight. Theater room 21 L x 20 W x 9 H

Panasonic PT AE7000u
BenQ 700
Epson 8350

Screen: HD 16:9
Cine Tension 2 Electric Screen 51.8 h x 92 w (106 Diag)

Suggested through ProjectorPeople.com

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I would suggest a projector with the deepest blacks possible, not highest output. I know nothing about the BenQ 700 but between the other two the Panasonic would be my choice. You could also look into JVC as well....
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The w7000 is likely too bright for a dark room and 106 inches.

The PTAE7000u is 2 steps better than a 8350 you should look at the 5010 Epson for a fair comparison.

With that said the performance from a 8350 will be good just not "Ultra Contrast" good.

In a dark room the real is how dark of blacks can you get. At 106" Lumens are not your issue with current PJs.

Also be sure to sort out your throw distance and where you will mount your PJ. Not all projectors are equal.

Also with the w7000 you could move to a 120-130 inch screen with ease.

Have Fun!
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