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Hey everyone,

I purchased a 55in Sony HX850 around the last week of December. I was coming from a 4yr old 52in Samsung 650 LCD (great TV). I must say I set it up, tried practically every custom calibration found on the "official owners thread" but I still didn't find the picture to be THAT impressive. I will even go as far as saying Direct TV HD actually looked WORSE on this Sony than my old Samsung, but that could be because of Direct TV's crappy compression. Of course service providers aren't the way to judge a TV so I even put in some Blu Rays and again just unimpressed. The colors appear to be washed out and not as vivid as I expected. Some of the dark scenes have a blue hue to them (i know that is a sony thing) but I've messed with the white balance to try and fix it but still ehhh just lack luster. I even thought I might have a defective set but I dont see any DSE or Banding, slight flashlighting but I assume that’s normal on any LED.

The reason I went with the Sony over a Panasonic Plasma was because of plamas IR issues and performance in ambient light. I don't have direct sunlight in my room but we have to large 80in windows that are behind you during tv watching so any ambient light is reflected. I must say the Sony's light filter does do a great job at minimizing reflections...

So anyway the reason I'm posting is because I was contemplating on returning the TV for the Panasonic GT50 or VT50. Am I just crazy and was hoping for too much of a PQ improvement coming from the old Samsung LCD? I was hoping to get some peoples inputs on this or maybe recommend even more calibration settings (if that is even possible haha). I plan on putting in star trek and transformers blu ray to see if I've just been watching terrible blu ray movies to test PQ...haha