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Help deciding on projector

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I have read this forum for years and never actually posted, until now as i really need help.

I am trying to decide whether or not to use an Epson Projector for a small home theater.

I am putting a thater room in a very small space, 12' x 16', and I currently have a Samsung 3D 55" tv. I am interested in putting in the Epson 3020 and a 80" screen, but worried that the space is to small for such a TV. The first row of seats will be about 8' away.

I thought about purchasing another TV, maybe 65" or 70", but not sure I upgrade all that much.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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My viewing room is 12x12 and I have a 92" screen.

Looks great, would love to make it 100" but it won't work with the current configuration in the room.
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Take a look at this for basic viewing information: http://myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancecalculator.html

I am assuming your 80" screen is a 16x9 diagonal - so your seating is reasonable for the size of the image. If when you're seated the eye is further back, you may be spot on for THX distance. There are other issues such as projector setup parameters, light control, etc... but I'll guess that you've already thought about these issues having been reading the forum for years. Do you have specific concerns?

I am setting up a temporary theater in a 10x11 room using a a 96" 2.35:1 screen (basically a 77" 16x9) - I always play the bigger is better game when it comes to displays.
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Thanks a ton for the input. I really do appreciate it as that was one of my last big decisions.

Any advice on a scree?

I was looking at fixed screen around 80". Should I go bigger? I was deciding between black diamond, reference series and performance series and was just starting the research on those choices. Andrew
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As to the size of the screen, you might consider a step-wise approach. Select and purchase the projector first, install it, and project the image onto the screen wall. You can then zoom the image to various sizes for final selection in your room. This is what I will be doing in my room to understand my entire range of screen size options and where the screen would rest on the wall.

I think the "Screens" forum would be best to pursue recomendations. I've owned both Stewart and Carada screens - thought they were both great for my application. You'll need to understand your application parameters (is the room fully light controlled, will you use it exclusively for theater, or with lights on too for television/gaming, color of room walls and carpet, frame style, etc.) as these can all affect your final choice(s).
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