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NEC XGLC focusing

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Hey everyone! Here's my first post on AVS. I'm fairly new to the CRT world (maybe about half a year) and I'm on my 3rd projector. I started with an entry level Zenith. Couple months later I bought a Sony 1252. And now I bought an NEC XG110LC about a week ago. I'm getting more comfortable with CRTs, but I could use some guidance.

Right now I'm simply having trouble focusing my NEC XGLC. After a full setup, it's not looking much better than my Sony 1252. Just slightly. I understand that this model, if properly focused, looks very well focused everywhere on the screen, and I can't quite get the corner areas focused much better than I could with my Sony 1252 (ES focusing).

I've taken a lot of advice into consideration. I've tried setting the center EM focus to -10, then using the trimpots to focus the centre, and then continuing with the edges and corners (to give them more range).

The thing is, if I grab some sunglasses and look in the tubes, I can get it so that the tubes look perfectly focused, which leads me to believe that this must be a problem with the optical focusing, not the electric. Or, maybe I just don't understand this subject at all.

I've also tried different positions with the focus rings. That didn't help either.

Can anyone suggest something I can try? I've heard about Guy Kuo's focusing techniques, and I'm more than open to trying it out, but something tells me I'm not quite in that position yet. I believe those techniques will take a well-focused projector and turn it into an amazingly well-focused projector, but mine isn't even well-focused yet. I know that poeple have managed to focus their NEC XGs quite well without such in-depth instructions. Therefore, I believe I'm missing something somewhat simple.

Thanks a lot in advance for any input.

…and my apologies for any idiocy.

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Have you been through this?

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

I've gone through the definitive guide on Curt's site very thoroughly and many times. I just now went through that 2nd guide you posted and it seems that I'm doing everything correctly. The only thing I haven't done is Guy Kuo's thing.

I've gone through all the manuals and guides out there and it doesn't seem like I'm missing something that's routine. I believe there is a specific issue with my projector that is getting in the way, and I guess I'm trying to see if anyone would know what the issue might be.

Thanks again.
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You could post your question over at Curts site to, this way you can maximize your chances at finding an answer. A lot more crters hangout there.

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I'll give that a shot! Thanks smile.gif
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