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I just bought a Yamaha RV-673 and love the Iphone remote app for it. I have six sets of speakers wired to a central closet where I'd planned on putting a speaker selector. However, I'd really like to not only control the receiver from my phone but also turn speakers on and off from it also instead of walking to the closet and pressing speaker selector buttons. I saw a thread on a web page describing a new speaker selector box where you could buy a network card for it and create a webpage to control on/off and volume. Unfortunately I had jump off the web and finish some work unexpectedly and now I can't seem to recall the search criterial to get back there. So, does anyone know of a system that can be preferrably controlled via Iphone or at least a webpage? I see that Aton makes one where it has a remote but I'd rather have just one remote for the whole system -- -my phone.