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Green Tint Issues

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Before I begin, I'd like to apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum, because I'm really not sure where to post this bizarre situation I've found myself in.

I am a college student and don't have a television, so I use an Acer H233H monitor for all my video needs. For quite a while all I had to play video games on in my room was my gaming PC, but this semester I decided to bring along my PS2, N64, and third party NES for some more variety. I purchased a MINI AV2HDMI video converter to connect all the different consoles to the monitor through HDMI. While I was home over winter break, I tested my N64 and it worked perfectly! Great! I can play Ocarina of Time in my room now. So I packed it all up and headed out on my way to school. To make things easier, I used a Radioshack HDMI switcher to switch between the PC and the console, and a Radioshack composite switcher to easily switch between which console I wanted to play.

This is where things get interesting. When I finally had everything hooked up and turned on a game, the monitor had a severe green tint. I thought this was quite strange considering the system (minus the composite switcher) worked fine at home. What really struck me as odd was when I was using the video signal from the computer, the tint was gone. So that ruled out the HDMI switcher and the monitor as the fault. I then plugged in the N64 directly into the video converter, bypassing the composite switch altogether. Still green. So the composite switch is fine. I then noticed that even when no console was plugged into the video converter the screen was still green. I then tried using different HDMI cables So the problem had to be with the video converter, right? Maybe something got knocked loose during the trip? So I took the N64 and the video converter down to a friend's HDTV, and presto! The signal was fine! So now I'm absolutely baffled as to what is causing the problem, as nothing seems to actually be faulty. This is incredibly strange to me, but maybe I'm overlooking something? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Sounds to me like a colorspace mismatch (ie, the display is expecting RGB but getting YCbCr or vice-versa). You may want to have this moved to the HTPC area.
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