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Speaker Purchase HELP and wireless query as well

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Okay. Looking at around $2000-$2250 total for a 5.1 system.

Was planning on getting a Denon 2113 for the AVR. so that takes ~$550 off of that

Not sure on the sub but i see not reason it shouldnt be a Hsu, Outlaw or SVS. Picking the right one is another matter.

No idea on speakers. It makes my head swim too much every time i think about it. I will say it is in a fairly large room 16x20 with open to one side and behind viewing area, plus it is a 2 story open above. I need to fill the room, but i am NOT going to be cranking to anywhere near reference levels except on rare occasions.

Primarily movies/games/TV with a little music thrown in.

So $1500-$2000 for the speakers and subs combined.

I have looked at the HSU and ARx bookshelves but they seem too dinky to me. The Ascend as well, at least the 170. HTD look small as well. I dunno. Like i said, information overflow. I want it to sound as close to the movies as possible, be able to understand dialogue clearly, hear the bullets whizzing past in Saving Private Ryan, feel the Orcs as they attack Helm's Deep.

Also, the LR will be mounted fairly close to, if not on, the wall. The C mill be in a open box type area above the TV. Surrounds, one will be wall or stand mounted, one will be on a bookshelf type area. Sub will be wherever i can put it without taking too much flak from the wife.

I do not want to put my money in something i will regret 2 months later. I have waited about 3 years to get a system and want to make sure it is something i will keep for a while.

On another note, i will probably have to make the surrounds and the sub wireless. If anyone knows a good way to do that, that would be cool too.

The primary reason for the Denon 2113 is to wire a zone 2 outside. And the better Audessey EQ. And airplay
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My best recommendation for speakers is to find a hi-fi store in your area and listen to as many different speakers as you can to get a feel for what you like.

A comment on wireless, the surrounds will then need separate amps if the signal is sent to them wirelessly. The sub will have its own built in amp, so no problem there.
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None of those brands are in stores
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