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basement setup

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Right now, I have a 42" LCD mounted on the wall. I've always liked setting up a TV square like this. My problem is that the couch closes off the rest of the basement.

I thought about mounting a new TV on the angled wall behind the couch. Then flip the couch around and put it where the TV is now (pic A).

Problem is that it's pretty far but a 60" TV looks awkward there. I wanted to extend it so that it's parallel to the couch but it doesn't look right (pic B). If I go smaller TV, it'll be so far away.

Any suggestions? This basement setup sucks.
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where are the doors and which way do they swing?
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the stairs come along the bottom edge. sliding glass door is alone the top edge on the left.
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take your first illustration, rotate the couch and TV a quarter turn counter clockwise. Put the TV on the same wall as your sliding patio door which removes the chance of it creating glare on the screen, leaves a lot of room for other recreational space. If that 15' mark on the drawing is accurate you are still pretty far back for a 42" screen. Lots of variables here, a more detailed drawing would help, as would a description of the current finished state of the room.
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